Rai + Pastease Everyday

Meet Rai! She is one of our lovely models. During our last shoot I asked her a few questions on her thoughts of Pastease Everyday. They Consisted of; (1) Why do you like the reusable pasties line Pastease Everyday? (2) How do they improve your daily routine? (3) How do Pastease Everyday make you feel & do you think they are a must to incorporate in your lifestyle?

Rai’s Responses;

(1) I LOVE Pastease Everyday due to wearing a bra sometimes just isn’t for me!

(2) They Improve my daily routine by complementing how it already consists of being comfortable, and Pastease everyday easily provides me just that. No question. Also I truly love how weightless they are and how easy it is to pair with my wardrobe.

(3) When modeling for Pastease Everyday it gives me confidence in myself… and when I wear them in public I find myself wanting to flash EVERYONE, ok mainly women, but I just want to show them #TeamNoBra is definitely my lifestyle. Pastease Everyday is my lifestyle.

Her response couldn’t be more perfect. We want ALL women to feel their best selves, confident, sexy, comfortable, #BOSSWOMEN, freaking goddesses. We know Pastease Everyday make us feel that way, join the club!

Madeleine Albertson