Pastease Everyday Benefits

Pastease Everyday; A reusable nipple cover line that brings you maximum comfort and coverage to live the true “No Bra” lifestyle. Being a medical grade, hypoallergenic reusable silicone adhesive, its the kindest thing out there to stick on your tits! There is so many benefits that come with wearing Pastease Everyday. From lifestyle to health, they will change… well YOU.

Take a moment and pick the pros & cons to wearing a bra. OK, now that you have that I’m sure you came up with;

Pros - Bras lift, support, and shape the girls.

Cons - Bras are torture chambers, have to buy multiple styles for different outfits, always wanting to take off, literally make you feel like you’re dying, and occasionally under boob chafing from wires. I could keep going…

What If I said wearing Pastease Everyday is the happy medium? Wait, no! They are even better. This takes us to how they change your lifestyle. From personal experience, I have been wearing Pastease Everyday for a year now, they have made getting ready for the day 100% better. I can quickly grab them off my counter, take them out of the beautiful folder they are stored in, slap them on, and boom I’m on my way. There isn’t ever a hassle in finding the correct color/style of bra and I always feel so amazing. I do love how they give an edgy look but can be as modest as you’d like with how seamless these pasties are. Number one breast accessory.

Health is a big thing. Who doesn’t like improving your health? No one. Pastease Everyday help relieve pain in your shoulders and back that a bra would give. That’s a big thing. Talk about those awful lines you get from bras cutting your circulation off! Not fun. One thing I’d like to talk about health wise is during my switch from bras to Pastease Everyday I’ve noticed my breast being perkier. I’m no doctor, but the no bra life has got my pectoral muscles waking up. I won’t say it’ll be the same for everyone, bit isn’t it worth a try?

Pastease Everyday, say it once in your head and again out load. That’s the start to a lifestyle change. Will you join me?

Madeleine AlbertsonComment