Meeting Madeleine

Hello, that’s a good start; my name is Madeleine and I am the human behind @pasteaseeveryday. I was introduced to the Pastease family not as a worker in the company, but as their nanny. Honestly I didn’t even know nipple stickers were a thing for the first 2 years of knowing Todd & Stephanie. I believe they told me but being a 16 year old from a small town it swooshed right over my head.

Skipping forward to my 18th year of life, they introduced me to the company. I definitely blushed the first time walking into the office. It’s a very “open” community. Lots of bold posters and graphics around. After a few weeks of packaging I was fully adapted as well as joining in the awkward conversations. Being in the office you can’t get by without sharing a belly laugh amongst each other. It’s the daily routine.

Currently at the age of 20, my roll in Pastease is a big jumble of fun responsibilities. I do a little here and a little there. From the Pastease look books to the photography / marketing of Pastease Everyday. My title is the “Visionary.”

Madeleine AlbertsonComment